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Aperture News Story:

Sat Jul 7, 2012, 11:50 AM
  • Listening to: Fear Of Flight - Aviators
  • Reading: The Immortal Rules
  • Watching: You.
  • Playing: Minecraft and Portal 2
  • Eating: Your delicious flesh. :3
  • Drinking: Pepsi

Tardis skin created by MyntKat. Allons-y!


'When the AI prgram GlaDOS was activated, it is known as the "Aperture Massacre".  With this title, one can only imagine that there were multiple deaths in the scene. Anyone who thinks that is moraly correct. Only 4 scientists made it out alive. Doug Rattman was one of the survivors, but he was lost in the chaos. Police are frightened of retrieving him, so many assume he is still in the labortories.
Humbers of other humans have been trapped down in the secret labs, including a few test subjects. The scientists believe only one subject made it alive, she was not in a chamber at the time. They have forgotten her name, but they believe she is learning to escape.
Scientists also believe that a single pony was trapped down there during the takeover.  The pony was believed to have been manfactured in Aperture, but here is what the scientists say:
" Doug Rattman brought in a colt that day of the experiment, it was orange and blue like our Portal Gun trademark, so we asked him to name is Aperture. He agreed and we put the pony into a new test chamber. We have been talking about animal testing for a while, and the pony really seemed to enjoy it. We took note of the orange and blue linked portals that appeared on its rump.  when the test was over, we asked it nod if it liked the tes. He did more than nod, he spoke a simple Yes. Around this time, it was where the AI Took over. A loud crash sounded and the lights went off. When they turned on, Rattman and the Pony, Aperture, were gone. " They left a radio next to a wall, set on record. Years later, they returned, GlaDOS was still activated, but she didnt seem to mind the scientist as he picked up the radio. It was old and dusty now. He played back the years of recording. He caught GlaDOS speaking, test chambers moving, loud crashes, and turret voices. One of the most facinating noises was a pleading male voice. Here's the recording:
"Master, where are you/"
"Master... you're leg....."
"No, Master! You'll live!"
"M-Master...... Please.. talk to me.."
*silence, sounds of dragging and metal hitting metal*
"Pleasant dreams... Master.."

Nobody has ever determined this mysterious voice. '

ffffff. I was bored. BTW Aperture the pony is my new OC. So... yeah.

blackeyes22 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Student Digital Artist
ono Interesting
Surgetic Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012
Imma post a piccy of Aperture. :3
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Submitted on
July 7, 2012