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OC Meme

Wed Aug 8, 2012, 2:52 PM

I. Choose up to five (5) of your favorite original story characters that will embark in this role-play. If you don't have five (5) then leave them blank (or create a character on the spot!) Be sure to give a little description of them:
1. Duellum

2. Oliver

3. Rose

4. Xavior

5. Rico

II. Asleep, Character Two  or Character Four  are dreaming of their most pleasant childhood memory. What is it about?

Oliver dreams about the time he met Sasquatch,while Xavior dreams about finally getting away from Samuel

III. However, Character Five continues to toss and turn, haunted by their childhood nightmare! What scared them as a child?

If all the humans stopped bleeding blood. That'd be terrible for him.

IV. Character Two finds a diary with Character Four name on it. They eagerly read a random page to themselves. What does the entry say?

Oliver: *picks up book*
Diary Reads: Today, Samuel tried to do things to me.. it was very sick...
Oliver: *reads a head* *dies from pervertness*

V. Character Three is severely poisoned and is slowly dying. Explain how it happened and if they survive.

Duellum: Is it safe to be down here in the mines, Oliver?
Oliver: Yeah. Just as long as you don't step on the babies their fine.
Xavior: Do you have to wear that parasite on your head?
Sasquatch: >:C
Oliver: Yes. Because, iif they do attack, I'll be strong enough to fight them off.
Rose: *steps on babies* *gets bitten by a poison antlion*
Oliver: *sighs* I'll fight it off.
Rose: *dies*

VI. A gang of bullies are picking on Character Four. Character Two or Character Five come to their aid but they both get beat up. Why is that?

Xavior: ... *healing them*
Oliver: I can't believe he did THAT. Out of everything...
Rico: *licks own blood off his hands*

VII. A character of your choice is just learning how to control their powers/gifts.

Rose: *grows tree out of ceiling* :icontardplz:

VIII. In an alternate universe, there exists an opposite version of Character One, Character Three, and Character Five. Pick one and explain their looks and personality.

Duellum: Has no Multiple Personality and is a jerk to everyone.
Rose: Hates plants and animals, and is very assertive.
Rico: Is squeamish at the sight of blood.

IX. Character Three tries to make Character Four their apprentice. They soon discover that teaching them ends with failure. Why is that?

Rose: Okay, so in order to deal with a sex obsessed man...
Xavior: *thinking* Oh my gosh a girl, an actual girl. How do I listen to her.. Oh my gosh she has boobs. :iconirapeitplz:

X. In a cave or woods, Character Two or Character Five are passing the time by training. Give detail on their skills.

Oliver: Uh Rico, I thought you were going to help me try and use my Zombie powers so my flesh dosnt fall off...
Rico: *has his hans placed on Olivers ripped off flesh* But then how would I get a free supply of blood?

XI. All of the Characters decide to either sit at the beach or take a long drive in a jeep. Does this little trip go smoothly? Give details.

Oliver: *is stuck driving jeep because he is oldest*
Duellum: Hey, look. Oliver brought his pet.
Rico: Lets.. Kick it.
Oliver: :iconyoudidwhatplz: *smashes car into tree on purpose*

XII. Character Two is finally dead and is sent to either

Hm, I'd say Heaven, because Oliver is a natural sweet guy. He just has some... peculiar motives.

XIII. Character Five decides to make breakfast for Character One. What did they make? Is Character One satisfied?

Rico: Here, Duel. *throws dead bunny in front of him*
Duellum: :iconiloveyouplz:

XIV. Character Three and Character Four  decide to become bandits and rob people as they head into the forest. They happen to rob Character One. Do they succeed?

Earlier that day-

Duellum: Hey Oliver, can I borrow Sasquatch for a second? I'm going to be robbed later.
Oliver: Be good to him, Sasquatch.


Duellum: *turns around dramatically petting Sasquatch while she purrs like a cat* I've been waiting for you..
Rose: :iconholymotherofgodplz: *runs away*

Me: So... No.

XV. All of the Characters have fallen into the past and are now children once again. They are playing hide-and-go-seek. What child is doing the seeking? Where are the children hiding? Why can't they find the last child?

(I'll make them all the same age,also, I stole this from the person before- making them naive and happy. Like the tradegy has never happened yet.))

Baby Rico is it.
Baby Rose: *hides in Rosebush*
Baby Oliver: *hides in dumpster*
Baby Xavior: *hides in THE DARKNESS*
and he cant find Baby Duellum because he snuck into a bakery.

XVI. In an alternate universe, Character One happens to be the servant of  A character of your choice. What must they do?

Duellum: *picks up Dead Headcrab, buries it* Oliver, I hate you. :I

XVII. Its almost valentines days, A random character gives a gift to A character of your choice. What did they give them? Are they grateful?


XVIII. Before we go, all of your characters want to take a moment to give you (their creator) some "light" criticism on the stories that feature them.

Duellum: I must say that thanks to you, I have puppetphobia.
Oliver: Surge, I wub you. You made me meet the best thing in the world.
Rose: *approves encouragly*
Rico: *kills deer* **starts draining blood from deer*
Me: :iconimapirateplz:

oh please, excuse me by insanitycatt
Tardis skin created by MyntKat. Allons-y!
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