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<Surgetic-Monster>Duellum walked alongside his partner, Raven. They had been walking for hours now, they had reached a dense forest. It was getting dark, luckily, the humidity kept his body warm.
<TwistedReaper22>(do they look like minecraft people?) She stoped as she heard the hissing from a creeper, "Duellum! I hear a creeper!" She walked towards him.
<Surgetic-Monster>(No. But the creatures can be from Mincraft) Duellum shivered, he had the memory of his first encounter with a creeper. Recalling the memory, he cautiously drew his knife from his pocket.
<TwistedReaper22>She pullled out her knife as well, "Its-" She fell to the ground, "Zombie!".
<Surgetic-Monster>Duellum felt panic the panic rising. He wanted to scream, but that'd attract more monsters. But he had to get the Zombie away from Raven, one bite could turn her into one of.. them. He rushed up to the zombie, and swiftly inserted the knife into its chest, again, and again.
<Surgetic-Monster>(PANIC, PANIC!)
<TwistedReaper22>"Thanks" She got out her shovel, and got up. Turned around and smaked the creeper's head in.
<Surgetic-Monster>Duellum whimpered, he had never killed anything before. He ran his thumb over the small engraving in the blade of the knife, calmness soothing him as the memories of playing with his sister flooded his mind.
<Surgetic-Monster>(Duellum, why do you remind me of Jeff? X3)
<TwistedReaper22>(i did not no what too say!!!) She grabed her knife and brought out her blocks of wood. and stated staking them "we need too rest. now. Can you please maker the beds."
<Surgetic-Monster>Duellum looked around, ""We, uh... Have no wool.." His voice scratchy from lack of speak. It was the first time he had spoken to Raven. "Maybe there... a sheep around here.."
<TwistedReaper22>She stoped, "you talk..but you see- never mind, you go look, i will stay and build, btw if you kill spiders the string you know."
<Surgetic-Monster>Duellum looked at his knife again, the small etching was there still; reminding him his sister was always with him. " Yes." he murmured, as he walked into the forest.
<TwistedReaper22>She started working twice as fast.
<Surgetic-Monster>Duellum walked carefully through the forest. He seemed to jump at every little noise that invaded his ears. He walked quicker, hoping to find a sheep soon.
<TwistedReaper22>"r...rrrwoofwoof!!" A dog jumped in frond of him.
<Surgetic-Monster>Duellum shrieked insuprise, he lept back. Not realising the weak ground underneath his feet, it gave way and he found himself tumbling down a tunnel
<Surgetic-Monster>When Duellum opened his eyes again, he was in a chasm.  It was cold and dark. His forehead stung, hesitantly he reached a hand up to his forehead, he felt the warm wet liquid, and realised it was streaming down his face..
<TwistedReaper22>She heard the sound "Duellum?" she yelled. "Duellum!!!" she grabed her things.
<Surgetic-Monster>Duellum groaned, he reached for the opening from where he fell, all he felt was rubble. Great. He thought, just great.
<TwistedReaper22>"h-hey this is not funny Dude!" she pulled out her knife, "Hello!!"
<Surgetic-Monster>(Remember, I'm adding his other personalitys in his Multiple Personality Diorder) Duellum yanked his hand away from his face. DAMNIT! He thought. I cant see blood!
<TwistedReaper22>The dog started barking again. "H-hello! Duellum!! Where are you!" she stared panting.
<Surgetic-Monster>He closed his eyes, well.. maybe Gary will be nice to her, after all, she is a girl...he thought as his personality lost concious. (Gary is one of his personalities)
<TwistedReaper22>The dog stared at him, like he was going to go down too. She stared too run the the echos of the dog barks.
<Surgetic-Monster>(How? The opening collapsed, leaving Duellum in a dark hole) Duellum's other personality, Gary, opened his eyes. "Ahhh.. Yes. Finally." He sneered.
<TwistedReaper22>(the ho-IDK IT A SUPERDOG!!no dead.) "Duellum! Hey where you-" she looked at the dog, sitting on the small dirt hill.
<Surgetic-Monster>"Y'know, Duellum.... You are WAAY to careful... Am I really that horrible that you cant let me out once and a while?" He reached into his pocket, Duellum's knife was still there. He stood up, the gash in Duellums head oozed with sticky red blood.
<TwistedReaper22>(sorry) "Duellum! Where are you! I can hear whispers." she looked at the sea. The sun was comeing up.
<Surgetic-Monster>Gary snickered. Oh, girly.. He thought. "Raven!" HE yelled, acessing Duellums memories, "I'm down here!"
TwistedReaper22>She looked at the dog, and he barked. She grabed her shovel and started diging, "Im comming!!"
<Surgetic-Monster>Gary proceeded to remove Duellums Shirt, he tied it around his head as a temporary bandage.
<TwistedReaper22>"What th-AHH!" The side she was diging in fell in too. The dog jumped in the hole with Raven. "Duellum!"
<Surgetic-Monster>Gary wasnt shocked as Raven's body slid down the hole. "I see you decided to join me. " He grinned at her.
<TwistedReaper22>"What the hell! Are you doing!! Down here..." Her voice became calm. "Whos the dog?"
<Surgetic-Monster>"How am I supposed to know? and.... I fell down here." He helped her up.
<TwistedReaper22>looked the other way, she thought whats on the other side of here. "We need to get searching." She grabed her pickaxe, and started diging.
<Surgetic-Monster>Gary checked Duellum's bag, he too had a pickaxe. He frowned, they were surrounded by dirt. Wouldn't a shovel be more useful?
<TwistedReaper22>The dog nudged him, and looked at Raven. "Are you going too help?"
<Surgetic-Monster>"Yeah.. " The gash in his head was loosing to much blood, if he worked anymore, he'd surely faint. But Raven can't know that. Gary picked up the shovel, and started digging as well.
<TwistedReaper22>"Are you okay? you know when you fell?" she was still working.
<Surgetic-Monster>"I'm... just fine." Good, his thoughts said. It's to dark for her to see his shirt-bandage.
<TwistedReaper22>She hit a few more blocks, she could smell salt water, "We are almost out."
<Surgetic-Monster>He coughed. Damn.. Duellum is so weak. any more blood loos and.. A thought hit him, If Duellum dies.. I DIE.
<TwistedReaper22>(i thought we would just regenarate?) " god." When she hit that last block.
<Surgetic-Monster>Gary looked at her, "What?"
<TwistedReaper22>"I have read out these, there not a rare at gold or diamond, this is iron, on our first cavren!". she was thinking too herself for a min, what is up with the dog tho.
<Surgetic-Monster>Gary sighed in relief, she didnt notice the bandage. "Well... thats good, I guess"
<TwistedReaper22>"Come one!" she grabed her pic, and went away that the iron.
<Surgetic-Monster>Gary couldnt hold the conciousness, the blood loss was too much. He fainted.
[5:47:11 PM] Reaper: "Duellum!" she grabed the bottem of her cape (yes cape) and wiped up the blood around him
[5:47:31 PM] Surgetic: (His shirt's around his head.)
[5:47:48 PM] Reaper: she tock off the shirt.
[5:48:05 PM] Surgetic: (Oh. Okie)
[5:49:03 PM] Reaper: "Wake up come on. one!!" She bragede him bye the little watter pubble and started to wipe up some of the blood.
[5:49:48 PM] Surgetic: (This is Duellum Now) HE opened his eyes, "GAH!" He sputtered, "What.. the Helll.."
[5:51:07 PM] Reaper: "are you okay, You lied to me! You are hurt!" She go in her bag to find a potion. "I can't believe you!"
[5:51:15 PM] Reaper: *go's
[5:52:20 PM] Surgetic: Ugghhh.. Damn you nd your pride, Gary.... (Thought<) He sat up, only to collapse again
[5:53:34 PM] Reaper: She looked at him & facepalmed. She splashed him with water somemore.
[5:54:08 PM] Surgetic: "Would you stop!?"
[5:54:39 PM] Reaper: She got up and looked at the dog.
[5:55:08 PM] Surgetic: "Ehh.. fucking, Dog.."
[5:56:11 PM] Reaper: The dog barked and sat, while looking at him, with his ears down.
[5:56:21 PM] Reaper: "Why didn't you tell me!"
[5:58:25 PM] Surgetic: "Tell you what?"
[5:58:55 PM] Reaper: "That our bleeding to death!" She stomped her foot.
[6:00:31 PM] Surgetic: "Not to death.. I dont think the wounds deep enought.. ehehe" He laughed, trying to make it better
[6:01:13 PM] Reaper: She frowned, and started walking towards the light.
[6:01:40 PM] Surgetic: He stood up, "Where is my shirt?" HE asked her

[6:01:58 PM] Reaper: "In the water."
[6:03:41 PM] Surgetic: Duellum looked at the shirt, "I guess I'll just leave it.."
[6:04:24 PM] Reaper: The dog barked at him, to make him go after her.
[6:04:48 PM] Surgetic: He walked after Raven.
[6:05:05 PM] Reaper: The dog followed.
[6:06:18 PM] Surgetic: "So.. why are you so mad? "
[6:07:33 PM] Reaper: "you lie, just like my dad.". She started thinking to her self. He lied about drugs..thats how he dies.
[6:07:39 PM] Reaper: *died.
[6:08:23 PM] Surgetic: "But everyone lies.." Gary, damnit, I'm going to kill you. He thought at his unconcious alter ego.
[6:08:44 PM] Reaper: "I don't care!"
[6:09:32 PM] Surgetic: He shook his head, "Wel, we're stuck together for a while.. So You may want to get used to it.."
[6:09:58 PM] Reaper: "Why then?"
[6:10:53 PM] Chemical Splash: "Just... cause..."
[6:11:13 PM] Reaper: She walked faster.
[6:12:19 PM] Chemical Splash: Duellum lagged behind, Raven was pissed. No way she would talk to him now.
[6:13:31 PM] Reaper: The dog, shook his head.
[6:15:22 PM] Chemical Splash: Duellum drew his knife he smashed it into the dogs head. " DIIIIIIIIIED!!" He screamed.
[6:16:24 PM] Chemical Splash: *DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!
[6:17:31 PM] Twisted Meadow: (have you heard of a skeleton dog?) A skeleton walked behind him and shot an arrow in his arm.
[6:17:56 PM] *** Twisted Meadow sent Collab.png ***
[6:18:29 PM] Chemical Splash: (No. X3)
Duellum shok his head, "Come get me you asshole!"
[6:20:15 PM] Twisted Meadow: ( :O) The skeleton about to shot his arrow, when Raven throw her picaxe at him
[6:22:20 PM] Chemical Splash: (?) "Ugh...."
[6:23:08 PM] Twisted Meadow: (idk) really. "You killed the dog!"
[6:24:31 PM] Chemical Splash: "Its HIS fault!" His eye twitched. Wait.... She'll think I lost it
[6:25:32 PM] Twisted Meadow: One more slip im going to kill him! "Come one!"
[6:26:02 PM] Chemical Splash: He sighed, calming down. "Okay.."
[6:26:59 PM] Twisted Meadow: Started walking again.
[6:27:06 PM] Chemical Splash: He folowed
[7/9/2012 2:26:33 PM] Twisted Meadow: (when should the team come in Zerra and Nima?) I can't believe he is my partner..She rubed her eyes.
[7/9/2012 2:27:42 PM] Chemical Splash: (LOL Now.) A small lavender cat walked in the path. She sat down, not noticing Duellum or Raven. She bgan licking her paws.
[7/9/2012 2:29:29 PM] Twisted Meadow: "Duellum..." she stoped,"What is that?"
[7/9/2012 2:30:30 PM] Chemical Splash: "What?" He looked at the kat, it kind of resembled something he'd seen before....
[7/9/2012 2:30:37 PM] Chemical Splash: *cat. XD
[7/9/2012 2:31:36 PM] Twisted Meadow: (i Join now?) She bentdown to get a closer look at it.
[7/9/2012 2:32:40 PM] Chemical Splash: "Well, if you ask me.. It looks like a Pokemon." He blushed, he'd been a Pokemon Fan since he was a little kid.
[7/9/2012 2:33:09 PM] Twisted Meadow: "What is that then?"
[7/9/2012 2:34:19 PM] Chemical Splash: "Well... They're fictional creatures with powers.. but,  they're not supposed to be real." He looked up a the moon. "Maybe we're just hallucinating."
[7/9/2012 2:35:51 PM] Twisted Meadow: A small puff of fire came out of a hole in the gound and right in front of Ravens face.
[7/9/2012 2:37:16 PM] Twisted Meadow: *ground
[7/9/2012 2:38:04 PM] Chemical Splash: The small cat looked down into the hole where the fire came from, it took a deep breath, and shot water from its mouth into the hole.
[7/9/2012 2:39:11 PM] Twisted Meadow: "Really, were playing that game!" Said a voice from the hole.
[7/9/2012 2:40:02 PM] Chemical Splash: "Ehehe.. Get up here Nima!" The cat's voice was high pitched and squeaky, "Theres some strange looking Pokemon up here!"
[7/9/2012 2:41:11 PM] Twisted Meadow: A small cat/kangaroo jumped up from the hole.
[7/9/2012 2:41:25 PM] Twisted Meadow: "They..they talked.." Raven felt light headed.
[7/9/2012 2:42:13 PM] Chemical Splash: The blue cat purred, "You are too, love~"
[7/9/2012 2:42:46 PM] Chemical Splash: Duellum started to laugh silently. This was ridiculous! I havent played Pokemon in years, how could I be seeing them now?
[7/9/2012 2:42:57 PM] Chemical Splash: (That was a thought, btw)
[7/9/2012 2:43:29 PM] Twisted Meadow: Raven get up then feel over.
[7/9/2012 2:43:59 PM] Twisted Meadow: "Woow such new beesss..." she jumped.
[7/9/2012 2:44:58 PM] Chemical Splash: The blue cat walked over to Duellum, "Sir, what happened to your forehead? Let me clean that for you... " She jumped on his shoulder, and began to gently rub her paw on the wound. (She has soap in her paws.)
[7/9/2012 2:46:20 PM] Twisted Meadow: (thats cool.) "Should I wake her up?" She jumped on her chest, but lightly landed.
[7/9/2012 2:46:55 PM] Chemical Splash: "Yes.. Do so, love~"
[7/9/2012 2:47:30 PM] Chemical Splash: Duellum knew he wasnt hallucinating now, the cat was rubbing the wound, and it felt.. soothing. The pain of the wound was slowly reliving itself.
[7/9/2012 2:48:51 PM] Twisted Meadow: Nima put her paw and fire, then blow is on her but.
[7/9/2012 2:50:21 PM] Chemical Splash: "Soo..." Her purring continued, "What kind of Pokemon are you..?"
[7/9/2012 2:50:42 PM] Chemical Splash: Duellum didn't know what to say. "I guess, we're humans."
[7/9/2012 2:51:20 PM] Twisted Meadow: "AHH!! Oh My Good that hurt!!!"Raven yelled.
[7/9/2012 2:52:07 PM] Twisted Meadow: "Yeah you seeeem veryy biiig for a poookemon." She feel off Raven
[7/9/2012 2:53:04 PM] Chemical Splash: "Ahhh... Humans... Nice specie name..." She stoppped rubbing, there, she put the bubble on her tail in fron of Duellum's face. "Good as neeew~!"
[7/9/2012 2:53:26 PM] Chemical Splash: Duellum was shocked, his face was completely clean, and the wound was entirely gone.
[7/9/2012 2:54:16 PM] Twisted Meadow: "Seee you loook bettter now." Nima looked at Duellum.
[7/9/2012 2:55:11 PM] Chemical Splash: "Uhh.. Thanks..?" He hesitated, what was her name?
[7/9/2012 2:55:21 PM] Chemical Splash: "Zerra." She replied.
[7/9/2012 2:55:47 PM] Twisted Meadow: "And Im Nima." she taged on.
[7/9/2012 2:56:59 PM] Chemical Splash: "Thanks you two, you really didn't have too.." He began.
[7/9/2012 2:57:24 PM] Chemical Splash: "But of course we did!" Her fur fluffed slightly, "You would've died from that wound!"
[7/9/2012 2:58:39 PM] Twisted Meadow: What is going on...why are the talking..what are they!! Raven thought.
[7/9/2012 2:59:17 PM] Chemical Splash: Zerra continued purring, "And what do we call you good sir?"
[7/9/2012 2:59:34 PM] Chemical Splash: "Uh.." He looked at Raven, "You can call me Duellum."
[7/9/2012 3:00:45 PM] Twisted Meadow: "Whos your friends?" Nima looked at the girl.
[7/9/2012 3:01:20 PM] Chemical Splash: "Raven.."
[7/9/2012 3:04:37 PM] Twisted Meadow: Raven sat there so confused. "hun..she seem nice.
[7/9/2012 3:04:39 PM] Twisted Meadow: "
[7/9/2012 3:09:08 PM] Chemical Splash: Zerra walked over to Raven, "Uhh... You alright?"
[7/9/2012 3:09:40 PM] Twisted Meadow: Raven stared at her/
[7/9/2012 3:11:23 PM] Chemical Splash: "What?"
[7/9/2012 3:13:52 PM] Twisted Meadow: "iv got this.." Nima Walked over too Raven. "Hello, Im Nima and this is Zerra, we travel to gether. Your friends is healed."
[7/9/2012 3:15:04 PM] Chemical Splash: Zerra frowned, "Did they need to know all that?"
[7/9/2012 3:15:39 PM] Twisted Meadow: "That what happend for him." Nima glared/
[7/9/2012 3:17:58 PM] Chemical Splash: (I didnt undertsand that. Please rephrase)
[7/9/2012 3:19:00 PM] Twisted Meadow: (that what we told Duellum)
[7/9/2012 3:19:06 PM] Twisted Meadow: *they
[7/9/2012 3:20:54 PM] Chemical Splash: (They just told him their names)
[7/9/2012 3:22:16 PM] Twisted Meadow: (true.)
[7/9/2012 3:23:42 PM] Chemical Splash: Zerra glanced around, "What are you two up to?"
[7/9/2012 3:29:38 PM] Twisted Meadow: Raven stood up "we are just leaving." (hey you should get on Sunsets server.
[7/9/2012 3:30:10 PM] Chemical Splash: (I'm doing something right now)
[7/9/2012 3:30:19 PM] Twisted Meadow: (okay.
[7/9/2012 3:30:20 PM] Chemical Splash: Zerra, "Can we come?"
[7/13/2012 12:23:58 AM] Twisted Meadow: Nima was staring at raven, "Can we please?"
[7/13/2012 12:26:03 AM] Chemical Splash: Zerra gave Duellum the kitty eyes.
[7/13/2012 12:26:41 AM] Twisted Meadow: "Look how cute they are..." She looked at Duellum.
[7/13/2012 12:29:28 AM] Chemical Splash: "Why not?" Well, something to keep my mind off of them.. He thought.
[7/13/2012 12:30:51 AM] Twisted Meadow: "You guys can, just there are just 2 right?" she scratched her head, I hope there not going to kill us.
[7/13/2012 12:31:46 AM] Chemical Splash: Zerra leaped in the air, bubbles slightly emtting from her fur, "Great! More Pokemon Buddies!!!"
[7/13/2012 12:33:12 AM] Twisted Meadow: She started walking toward light Nima jumped in front of them.
[7/13/2012 12:35:10 AM] Chemical Splash: Duellum sat upright, it had felt like hours since they'd traveled.
[7/13/2012 12:36:05 AM] Twisted Meadow: Nima "Where are you guys from?" she jumped up in the air aton.
[7/13/2012 12:36:52 AM] Chemical Splash: Duellum couldn't remember. God, I have a terrible memory.... It must've been that blow to the head...
[7/13/2012 12:37:49 AM] Twisted Meadow: "We are collage student in MineCraft City (<--IDK XDXD)" she was looking in her bag for something.
[7/13/2012 12:38:36 AM] Chemical Splash: Zerra began to sniff their auroas. She scented more than two. What the buck is going on?
[7/13/2012 12:40:14 AM] Twisted Meadow: Nima stoped "". Two pony started running towards her. A loud male voice said "Im going to beat you this time!!"
[7/13/2012 12:41:29 AM] Chemical Splash:
[7/13/2012 12:41:51 AM] Twisted Meadow: NIma stoped walking "Hey guy look a cliff." (cliff XDXD)
[7/13/2012 12:42:57 AM] Chemical Splash: Zerra quickly knocked out Duellum with her water powers, she needed to know what the Girl knew.
[7/13/2012 12:43:57 AM] Twisted Meadow: (what girl?) Raven Looked at the ground almost hundreds feet down.
[7/13/2012 10:55:30 AM] Chemical Splash: Zerra turned around and looked at Raven and Nima staring down the cliff, what is wrong with this guy? She wondered, he has more than one aura....
[10:55:01 PM] Chemical Splash: Zerra stared at Nima and Raven, shrugging, she looked at Duellum. Such a strange aura, she thought to herself.
[10:56:56 PM] Twisted Meadow: Nima jumped down in to the creves. "it not that far down, come on!!"
[10:58:11 PM] Chemical Splash: (Hes going to wake up and be a different personality, the preschooler) He woke up to the sound of the voice, the personality in control, Douglass, had never seen a creature like that. "Kitty!" He mused happily.
[10:58:21 PM] Chemical Splash: Zerra stared at Duellum with concern.
[11:04:51 PM] Twisted Meadow: Raven walked up to Duellum, "Kitty is in't that a kid word."
[11:05:32 PM] Chemical Splash: Douglass stared at Raven, "Mommy?" His eyes widen, and he smiles.
[11:06:21 PM] Twisted Meadow: Raven stoped and started at him, "Dude WHAT TEH HELLL!!!!!"
[11:07:11 PM] Chemical Splash: He started drooling, due to his childish nature.
[11:07:43 PM] Twisted Meadow: Nima jumped up "He a pice of art ant he.".
[11:08:44 PM] Chemical Splash: "Duellum" twitched, then he seemed normal, except for the slight eye color change that nobody can really notice. Lacey took over, she stood up.
[11:09:45 PM] Twisted Meadow: "Are you okay?" Raven toched his shoulder.
[11:10:11 PM] Chemical Splash: "I'm fine!" She inched away, was this girl attracted to her?
[11:11:19 PM] Twisted Meadow: Raven looked the at cat and shruged.
[11:12:18 PM] Chemical Splash: Lacey too looked down at the cat, she gasped. "My, this is magnificent! How did someone create this?!" She picked up Zerra
[11:12:56 PM] Twisted Meadow: Nima jumped up again, "again..haha!!!!"
[11:13:26 PM] Chemical Splash: Zerra flinched, "He must've hit his head too hard... C'mon, we better get to where you're going..."
[11:14:57 PM] Twisted Meadow: Nima jumped, Raven slowly followed. "Come on you guys!!'
[11:15:54 PM] Chemical Splash: Lacey looked at Zerra, "Comming! " She ran after them, but keeping her distance away from Raven.
[11:16:40 PM] Twisted Meadow: The set off there way to get out of the cavran.
[11:18:04 PM] Chemical Splash: After a while of walking, Zerra's whiskers twitched, "Hey guys! " She mewed, "A Portal!"
[11:19:01 PM] Twisted Meadow: Nima looked at Zerra with a look. "Where?" raven asked.
[11:19:38 PM] Chemical Splash: "Can't you see its over there? Its not that hard to miss." Lacey snapped, pointed in the direction of the portal.
[11:20:35 PM] Twisted Meadow: Raven ran over to it it was pink and green with flower all over id.
[11:21:45 PM] Chemical Splash: Zerra hopped out of Lacey's arms and dragged her and Nima to the portal, while accidently shoving Raven into the portal.
[11:23:24 PM | Removed 11:23:45 PM] Twisted Meadow: This message has been removed.
[11:24:18 PM] Twisted Meadow: The portal started to make raven feel funny.
[11:25:09 PM] Chemical Splash: After falling through the portal, they crash onto hard ground, all of them faint.
[11:26:53 PM] Twisted Meadow: A tall pony walked up to the store door and was looking for someone, "Where are you!!" she stomped her hoof. "God, you're good at hiding."
[11:29:11 PM] Chemical Splash: Time Fire trotted out of the candy store. A caramel apple was in her mouth.
[11:31:17 PM] Twisted Meadow: "Time Fire!! Come here Now!" Elowes Hoof started to walk of to her.
[11:32:52 PM] Chemical Splash: Time Fire sat down, "How can you eat this rubbish?" she spoke with her british accent.
[11:34:31 PM] Twisted Meadow: Nima..ow where are we...
[11:35:03 PM | Edited 11:35:25 PM] Twisted Meadow: "I don't now and where did you get the mony for that?" She stomped her hoof.
[11:36:05 PM | Edited 11:36:41 PM] Chemical Splash: "Honestly, who puts a sugary coating
over a fruit?" She touched her hoof to the golden brown syrup covering the apple.
[11:36:44 PM] Twisted Meadow: "Stop! Your going to get your hoof sticky!!" She slightly yelled.
[11:37:35 PM] Chemical Splash: "I see why my father didn't bother with this place after mom decided to travel with him... " she moaned, throwing the apple at the nearby cop, who she thought was a trash can.
[11:39:20 PM] Twisted Meadow: "Time Fire!!" she growled at her. "Go to the house NOW!!!" She stomped her hoof down really hard this time.
[11:51:19 PM] Chemical Splash: Time Fire slumped to the ground, "Elowes.. are mommy and daddy ever going to come back?" She put on her sad filly face.
She sat next to her, "of course they will, i know they will."


[11:57:51 PM] Chemical Splash: Duellum got up, gaahh.. what the hell didnt take long to realise his hands were no longer.. hands. He looked at his former hands.. or hooves? He shot up, checking the rest of his body only to discover that he was a pony!
[12:12:26 AM] Twisted Meadow: Raven scratched her head...what the...w-what the hell!!! "Duellum your a fucking pony!!" She raced up.
[12:14:13 AM] Chemical Splash: While inspection, Duellum notiiced an odd mark on his flank. It was a circle, with lines connecting to three other circles. CRAP! He said, and immediatly started rolling in the dirt.
[12:14:54 AM] Twisted Meadow: Raven stoped and tryed to look at the thing sticking out of her forhead.
[12:15:38 AM] Chemical Splash: He laughed, "You're a friggen unicorn!"
[12:16:52 AM] Twisted Meadow: Raven started screaming, "Why!!! WHY!!!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
[12:17:38 AM] Twisted Meadow: Nima got up "haha!! looked at your forhead!!"
[12:19:19 AM] Chemical Splash: Duellum looked over, a yellow winged girl-pony was staring at them. She had a pink mane. DUELLUM. DON'T THINK ABOUT ART, DAMMIT.
[12:22:24 AM] Twisted Meadow: Nima tryed to wake up Zerra, "Zerra we are ponys!!"
[12:25:44 AM] Chemical Splash: Zerra woke up, "Thats cool, love." She mewed lazily.
[12:28:03 AM] Twisted Meadow: Raven horn started to glow. NIma started to levata off the ground, "um raven.." Nima looked at her.
[12:28:55 AM] Chemical Splash: Duellum was too distracted, "What the fuck are you guys doing?!" he whispered to his personalities.
[12:29:32 AM] Chemical Splash: "Wel... " Gary murmured to him, "The portal created a rip in your body. So we're ghosts until you turn human again..."
[12:30:57 AM] Twisted Meadow: Raven droped Nima. "Hey in can still get hurt!" she rubed her head. Raven stared at Dumllum.
[12:45:41 AM] Twisted Meadow:  nime looked at her"Zerra what's wrong?"
[12:46:25 AM] Chemical Splash: "Im tired... love."
[12:46:50 AM] Twisted Meadow: "You sleepy pony.." she giggled.
[12:47:35 AM] Chemical Splash: Mmmmf.... Zerra mumbled
[12:49:01 AM] Twisted Meadow: Nima laied down and closed her eyes. Raven yawned "Im pretty tired too."
[12:49:44 AM] Chemical Splash: Gary trotted over to Raven, he beamed at Duellum. "C'mon buddy, you should date her. "
[12:49:51 AM] Chemical Splash: duellum gagged at the thought.
[12:51:23 AM] Twisted Meadow: Raven laied down to and closed her eyes.
[12:54:37 AM] Chemical Splash: Gary beckoned Duellum forward, "C'mon Dylan. Lacey and Doug are waiting by the big ben." He trotted towards the ancient clock. Duellum hesitantly followed, "Remember I said not to call me by my real name..." he pleaded.
[12:54:59 AM] Chemical Splash: "Ahh.. but it suits you, Dyl." Gary shot back.
[12:26:58 AM] Surgetic Splash: Lacey walked up to Duellum and smiled, "Y'know honey, Raven wouldn't treat you so bad if she knew."
[12:27:18 AM] Surgetic Splash: Gary snickered, "Yeah! She thinks your a fucking freak!"
Lacey punched Gary in the face, "Not in front of Douglass!" She yelled.
[12:28:22 AM] Surgetic Splash: "TRAINS!" Douglass screamed happily.
[12:28:53 AM] Surgetic Splash: Duellum looked around, nobody could see them. Good. "But if I told her, she'd kill me on the spot... she dosnt take to kindly to me."
[12:29:18 AM] Surgetic Splash: "You need help from me, dumbass." Gary sneered. "Also, bang her while you're out here."
[12:29:28 AM] Surgetic Splash: Lacey punched him in the face again.
[12:31:13 AM] Twisted Reaper: "Who goes there!!" A dark but girly voice said.
[12:31:25 AM] Surgetic Splash: "Sometimes I dont understand you guys... " Duellum muttered as he spotted the unicorn waddle up to them.
[12:33:22 AM] Twisted Reaper: "Why are you in this forest! This is privet ground! Of A Princess! Ge- Are you talking to yourself.." Dr walked up.
[12:34:21 AM] Surgetic Splash: "Well... uh, no I'm not. " He shook his head, he smiled to show that he was fine.
[12:36:33 AM | Edited 12:36:45 AM] Twisted Reaper: "You know talking to your self mean your loney, that mean you need compane, I think you need love life." Dr Had him a note with some words on it. "Here, Dr says you need this." ( (tmi))
[12:37:47 AM | Edited 12:38:05 AM] Surgetic Splash: He tried to pick up the paper with his hoof, which just fell fluttering to the ground. He tried again, "Damnit! " he cried out, "I cant hold it."
[12:38:29 AM] Twisted Reaper: Dr picked up the paper like a boss.
[12:38:32 AM] Surgetic Splash: Gary rolled on the floor, a luagh escaping his lips
[12:39:24 AM] Surgetic Splash: Duellum felt his ears droop, "Wait.. you're a therapist? Don't worry, I'm not crazy..." He looked around, his friends were still asleep. (likes bosses)
[12:41:57 AM | Edited 12:42:33 AM] Twisted Reaper: She got up and walked in to the forest behind the stone, "Come NOWW!!!
[12:42:52 AM] Surgetic Splash: Lacey urged him on, "Go on now. Trust her, shes a doctor."
[12:43:58 AM | Edited 12:44:20 AM] Twisted Reaper: Her horn started to glow and Duellum Started flooting in the air. "I told you to come."
[12:44:23 AM] Surgetic Splash: He moaned, he's being held in the air... by a pony.
[12:46:46 AM] Twisted Reaper: By the time they got to the end of the forest there was nothing there. She dropped Duellum and he horn started to glow brighter and this building apeared small and cozy home, she opened the door , "are you comeing?" She walked in.
[12:47:20 AM] Surgetic Splash: He followed her, in the room was a small baby horse. She had a horn and wings.
[12:47:30 AM] Surgetic Splash: "Lucky her.." he murmured to himself.
[12:49:26 AM] Twisted Reaper: "Time Fire that filly is alway tired." She looked at her, "Come to my lab please."
[12:49:50 AM] Surgetic Splash: He looked nervously at Lacey, "You're actually a doctor, right?"
[12:52:36 AM] Twisted Reaper: "Look up above the filly." . Witch says Dr Elowes Hoof A medical Surgen.
[12:53:05 AM] Surgetic Splash: "Oh... I'm Uh, Duellum."
[12:53:58 AM] Twisted Reaper: She stoped, "woh woh.. Duellum?"
[12:54:30 AM | Edited 12:55:05 AM] Surgetic Splash: "Well yeah, I'm a human. I actually walk on two legs.." He explained cautiously.
[12:56:46 AM] Twisted Reaper: She sat down, "Keep going."
[12:57:08 AM] Surgetic Splash: "And, ..."
[12:57:21 AM] Surgetic Splash: Lacey urged him more, "Trust her. You can tell her."
[12:58:09 AM] Surgetic Splash: He sighed, "I've never told anyone this, you'll probably think I'm psycho when I say this, but I was talking to myself... in a way..."
[12:58:34 AM] Twisted Reaper: Her eyes glowed.
[12:59:14 AM] Surgetic Splash: Tears fell from from his face, "I'm.. I'm not fully me.. I have Multiple Personality Disorder..."
[1:00:05 AM] Surgetic Splash: Zerra woke up, the sun was slowly peaking over the nearby hill, she yawned. "Morning every... pony?"
[1:01:42 AM] Twisted Reaper: Nima has disappeared. Raven work up screaming/
[1:02:28 AM | Edited 1:02:49 AM] Surgetic Splash: "Hush now.. Its alright..." Zerra tried to calm her down.
[1:04:50 AM] Twisted Reaper: Raven looked down at the ground tear running down her face. Nima jumped back with some food, "What wrong Raven.." Nima jumped past them.
[1:05:12 AM] Surgetic Splash: Zerra sighed, "Must've been a- Wheres Duel?"
[1:06:16 AM] Twisted Reaper: Raven picked up her head, "yeah where is he?"
[1:06:50 AM] Surgetic Splash: Zerra tried to pick up his scent, "Nima.. I cant scent auroras right now.... possible never again if we stay like this..."
[1:07:29 AM] Twisted Reaper: Nima, "What would you like me to do Ma' ma."
[1:08:04 AM] Surgetic Splash: "Maybe we should look around, the town seems pretty small."
[1:09:25 AM | Removed 1:10:13 AM] Twisted Reaper: This message has been removed.
[1:10:22 AM | Removed 1:10:32 AM] Surgetic Splash: This message has been removed.
[1:11:11 AM | Edited 1:11:27 AM] Surgetic Splash: A chocolate brown pony was walking along the meadow, skipping happily in the flowers.
[1:12:27 AM] Twisted Reaper: "What the fu-" she could'n finshe the word.
[1:12:42 AM | Edited 1:12:57 AM] Surgetic Splash: Zerra laughed at the stallion.
[1:13:19 AM | Removed 1:14:45 AM] Twisted Reaper: This message has been removed.
[1:14:21 AM | Removed 1:15:56 AM] Twisted Reaper: This message has been removed.
[1:15:12 AM] Twisted Reaper: Raven got up and walked of to the the brown horse.
[1:15:13 AM | Removed 1:15:26 AM] Surgetic Splash: This message has been removed.
[1:15:44 AM] Surgetic Splash: "Well, Hello, deary." The pony smiled at her.
[1:17:06 AM] Twisted Reaper: "Hi have you see a brown pony" started to think why she said pony, "With a dark brown ass?"
[1:18:43 AM] Surgetic Splash: "Hmmm... It'll come with a price, dear."
[1:19:30 AM] Twisted Reaper: "Yeah..yeah okay where is he then?"
[1:19:42 AM] Surgetic Splash: "No dear, a price first"
[1:21:40 AM] Twisted Reaper: "Okay..okay, price first."
[1:22:20 AM] Surgetic Splash: "A Kiss"
[1:24:02 AM] Twisted Reaper: "Wow wow slow your role.
[1:24:22 AM] Surgetic Splash: "A price"
[1:24:26 AM] Surgetic Splash: His voice taunted
[1:24:46 AM | Removed 1:25:10 AM] Twisted Reaper: This message has been removed.
[1:26:05 AM | Edited 1:26:55 AM] Twisted Reaper: "n-no! Im not going to kiss you i would reather kiss Zerra then you."
[1:26:23 AM | Edited 1:26:44 AM] Surgetic Splash: Zerra fainted  in the background with epic sound effects
[1:27:18 AM] Surgetic Splash: "Fine then, dear...." He backed up, and turned into a wolf before Nima and Ravemn eyes, not Zerra's, because she fainted like a boss.
[1:28:29 AM] Twisted Reaper: Nima "You remind me of that one pokemon Zorroke!".
[1:28:35 AM] Twisted Reaper: Raven gluped.
[1:28:56 AM] Surgetic Splash: He lunged at Raven, adding a quick bite to her neck. A force pushed him aside.
[1:29:36 AM] Surgetic Splash: Gary stood there, "Oh shit! Oh shit oh shit! " He tried to hold her, but his hooves faded through. "Get her to the hospital, damnit!"
[1:30:56 AM] Twisted Reaper: Nima ear twiched. "Right away.." She was confuzed why did she say that..
[1:31:25 AM] Surgetic Splash: Zerra woke up, HOLY JEEZUS." She screamed, and fainted yet again with epic sound effects.
[1:33:52 AM] Twisted Reaper: Nima puffed a flame out of her mouth, and grabed Raven's to legs, plus puffed a smoke at Zerra to wake her up.
[1:34:15 AM | Removed 1:34:49 AM] Surgetic Splash: This message has been removed.
[1:34:36 AM] Surgetic Splash: "Now, what do you neecd me for?"
[1:35:28 AM] Twisted Reaper: "Use you bubble power she is heave..." and started draging her in to the forest.
[1:36:13 AM] Surgetic Splash: I Can't, If you havent noticed I'm a fucking pony."
[1:36:44 AM | Removed 1:37:07 AM] Twisted Reaper: This message has been removed.
[1:37:44 AM] Surgetic Splash: She lifted Raven up, only to suprisingly find that shes really light.
[1:38:37 AM] Twisted Reaper: Raven eye faded a little, "Guy..."
[1:39:36 AM] Surgetic Splash: Zerra looked over, "That looks like a hopital! Goooooooooooooooooo-" she yelled, as a bubble began pushing them towards the building.
[1:40:30 AM] Twisted Reaper: Nime, "Helllp!! Help!! Wa have a dieing girl her!!'
[1:41:11 AM | Edited 1:41:17 AM] Surgetic Splash: A lime green pony and a chestnut brown pony rushed up to aid them.
[1:43:31 AM] Twisted Reaper: Nima, "Have any of you see a brown pony?"
[1:44:13 AM] Surgetic Splash: the chestnut brown stallion snorted, "Might have to be more specific- " he said as they rushed into Dr.Elowes lab.
[1:44:44 AM] Twisted Reaper: Nima followed them.
[1:45:23 AM] Surgetic Splash: Gary trotted over to Lacey and Douglass while Time Fire rushed into the  backroom to get Elowes.
[1:45:34 AM] Surgetic Splash: Zerra hissed, "We have no damn time!"
[1:48:27 AM] Twisted Reaper: "Time fire what wrong?"
[1:48:56 AM] Surgetic Splash: "Oh, " She said happily, "Somebody's dying." She said as she skipped away.
[1:49:57 AM] Twisted Reaper: "Duellum come on i cant leave you alone in here." She ran to the main room.
[1:50:40 AM] Surgetic Splash: Duellum followed, he found himself gagging as he saw the dying pony was Raven. He sat next to the wall, where his personalities were watching sadly.
This is A Long Term RP That Reaper and I have been skyping eachother with.
Makes no sense, eh?

Duellum and Raven are college students sent out to test their survival skills. By their proffesor.
I hope you guys can tell that sometimes the scene changes. c:

All the characters belong to us. Pretty much.

Oh, right,
Soakat and Joyro belong to *spiffychicken.
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