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When young Dylan's parents were killed in a car accident, he and his sister, Delilah, were shipped to their nearest relative Uncle Andrew, who had a very terrible reputation. Once they arrived, their Uncle immediately signed them up for Children Fights, which is the rarest kind of fight, that it had never been publicized.  From there on, Delilah and Dylan were forced to fight for their lives. One night, they both lost. Terribly injured and close to death, their uncle separated them.  He allowed to let Delilah roam around the house, for he favored her.  She was not allowed to visit Dylan. One day she slipped a bag through the slot in his door, where his uncle slipped his food through. Inside were two puppets. A boy, with dark brown hair like Dylan's, and a girl with Peach colored hair. She encouraged Dylan to make his own to pass time, so she had put a note saying that with some felt and buttons. Instead, Dylan began talking to the puppets that she had made. He named the boy Gary, and the girl, Lacey. At first he viewed it as fun during his imprisonment, but then he began to lose it a little. He began to ask Gary on better techniques to defeat his opponents once the imprisonment is over, of course in this crazed state, Gary would answer. Lacey began to take on her own personality as well, her puppet held a paintbrush, she loved to paint, and her heart was made of gold. She told Dylan to stop asking Gary for techniques, however Dylan didn't pay mind to her.  Eventually, Gary and Lacey got lonely, so he began to work on the other puppet, he messed up on it, so it turned out looking childish. He named it Douglass, after his father. The fabric he used for the shirt had a train on it, so he decided Douglass would like trains. He continued talking to the three of them, their personalities increased until they were almost real people. Dylan was 13 when the imprisonment was finally over,  his uncle had kept him in his room for two years. The government found out, and his Uncle was sentenced to death for child abuse. Dylan and Delilah were shipped to an orphanage. Dylan started having strange blackouts there, sometimes he'd wake up in a different spot. This went on for a year  years, then Delilah reached the age of 20, so she took him to get some help. During the car ride his sister gave him a knife with a small etching  on it, she said that their father wanted him to have it once he could handle such a weapon.  They were almost to the hospital when Dylan had one of his longest blackouts ever. When he woke up he was covered in blood, his sister was dead in front of him, he fled the crime scene, and met a man named Daptop. Daptop began to secretly observe him during blackouts. He eventually told Dylan that he was certain he had developed Multiple Personality.  Dylan changed his named to Duellum, which meant, "Split".
Yay for my terrible wrint ing skills! :dummy:

Well, on the new Minecraft feature where you could type stuff, I was derping around and somehow this came to happen.


Duellum and His backstory are Mine.
GaucherieGhost Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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((Pffft. Actually the puppet inspiration was from a Half Life thing)
GaucherieGhost Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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