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           Once the scroll was received and read, the purple unicorn named Twilight immediately, " Let's go, girls!" she said swiftly, in a flash she was out the door. The fiour other ponies followed after her, leaving Chemical and Flame Breeze with the small dragon named Spike. Chemical gave Spike a quick goodbye, and like the others she went out the door. Flame Breeze shivered. She glanced at Spike, "You coming?" The purple dragon nodded, and with that he climbed onto Flame Breeze's back. Flame Breeze galloped out the door after the others.    
    Once she had caught up to them, she had realised their fast pace was stopped. She looked up to the horrifying scene everyone else was staring at. Royal Guards had everypony in ponyville shackled to chains. However, the two ponies who, for some reason, were always together, weren't in line, they were hiding in a building. The short maned one looked as if he were ready to slaughter all the royal guards if it meant saving the other ponies. The pony that creeped into the blue box a few days earlier, was shackled between two guards. Twilight, and the others hid behind a rather large bush. Flame Breeze, Chemical, and Spike hid behind a statue of Princess Celestia. They heard several sobs and gasps as a gunshot rang out through the town. lame Breeze peered through the statue and witnessed a horrifying sight. The local drunk, Berry Punch, had a large bullet wound in her head. Her body was limp on the ground. It was then Flame Breeze noticed the other dead bodies lying in the street. She found herself almost to tears when she saw a small, gray unicorn filly lying there. Her mane and tail were yellow and she was barely old enough to even dream of having a Cutie Mark. Her eyes retreated back to the line, where a gray pegasus with the same yellow mane and tail as the filly; was brought up to the front of the line. One of the Royal Guards loaded his gun and shot her in the forehead. She heard a choked sob from somepony. She turned to find it was the mysterious pony with the blue box. They were together She thought miserably, the small gray filly must've been his daughter, She was about to say something, when suddenly a bright yellow flash invaded her vision, "Hey!" Flame Breeze blinked, Chemical Splash! The yellow pegasus stomped her front hooves on the ground angrily. "You call yourselves Royal Guards?!" The Guard who had shot the gray pegasus turned to her, "We're only doing our job." he said calmly, "We need to know who murdered the Princess."  Several gasps erupted from Twilight's group. "Well then," Chemical's emerald eyes scanned the area, "You found who you're looking for." Flame Breeze couldn't believe what she was hearing, How could Chemical kill the Princess? She was there when the warning came... Then it hit her. She was turning herself in to save the others. "Wait-!" Flame Breeze started, but Chemical was already handcuffed and was heading towards prison.  The other guard unchained the other ponies Chemical's bird, Bo flew out of her mane and landed on Flame Breeze's head.
    The group galloped to Canterlot, once they reached the castle, Princess Luna was grieving over Celestia's body. Twilight's mouth gaped in shock, Flame Breeze's eyes widened. Celestia was royalty.. How could she be dead? A gruff, voice that seemed to come out of nowhere, informed the ponies with this warning; "Chaos itself is the only thing that can kill Celestia.. Chaos was here. "All the ponies looked around, They traced the voice to Chemical's bird, Bo. The bird's eyes swept over them, he blushed. "Oh.. my, I don't all pets speak?"
Twilight shook her head, "Never mind that!" She roared, "Tell us what you know, bird.." The other five ponies leapt back in surprise, normally Twilight didn't get angry. Bo didn't seem to feel threatened by this threat, he dramatically cleared his throat, "Who exactly do you think Chemical is? Some dopey happy-go-lucky pony? Well, you're wrong. You see, she told me all of this last night.." Flame Breeze began to tune out, she was too tired to hear anymore drama. She was too guilt stricken, how could she have let Chemical to sacrifice herself to the Royal Guards? Chemical didn't deserve it...
......or did she? Another voice said in her mind. You don't know everything about her...
Flame Breeze looked around, no pony was talking to her. It's just my imagination. She decided. Shaking her head rapidly.
You're the death of her you know...
Wait. That voice. She heard that voice before- her mind clicked back to her first day on Earth, she had bumped into this pony, who overreacted and threw her against the public mailbox. "YOU!?" She gasped, rather loudly. Six pairs of eyes turned on her. "Flame Breeze, y'all alright?" Applejack's voice was full of concern.
"I- I know who killed the Princess..."  She stuttered.
"The blue stallion..."
   "Why, how rude it is to accuse someone. I Wouldn't dare kill my mother..."
The blue stallion, who Flame Breeze had seen in her nightmares, walked into the room. A bloodied piece of  mane that seemed to be made out of stars dangled from in between his hooves. Flame Breeze saw a faint glimpse of a midnight blue corpse laying next to Princess Celestia. The ponies and the little baby dragon turned to the stallion, who grinned evilly, "Hello, My Little Ponies.."
BTW The Pegasus that was killed was Derpy. I'm sorry, but she had to die. :C

The reason I didnt put effort is because I had no plan for this chapter. So Yeah.

MLP FIM (C) Lauren Faust
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