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As the shaking began to grow more violent, intense, white beams of light? Electricity?  Began to shoot from the machine.  I approached the overlook window; stupid I know, but I wanted to make sure Dr. Freeman was okay.  I did not see him. He mysteriously vanished, I didn’t have much time to ponder this because as soon as I realized his disappearance, the machine self-destruction into a bright white explosion.  I was thrown back, and my head was smashed into a wall; immediately robbing me of consciousness... Everything faded to black.  
I don’t know how long it was until I woke up, but I woke up to a terrifying scene before me.  Twilight, my partner and friend, was crushed under a shelf that had fallen over her, blood was running from a large gash in her back. Staggering up, I limped over to her. “Twi… Twi!?” I began to choke with tears; she couldn’t be dead, right?
My questions were answered by her shallow breathing, “… Hey Maya…” She breathlessly said.
I began to lift the shelf off of her with my nose, “Twi... It’s going to be fine, you and I will make it out- we’ll get you to a hospital and-“
“Don’t worry about me, Maya.” Twi coughed, I could see the life draining from her eyes with every breath.  “You need to focus on getting yourself out… it’s too late for me…”
“No, it’s not!” I continued to lift the shelf off of her; I could feel the warm liquid begin to stream down my face. I couldn’t tell if it was blood or tears, but I didn’t care.
“She rested her head down on her hoofs, “Maya… Get out of here.” Her voice hardened, “You can’t save everyone; just go..”  She used her last bit of energy with that sentence.  I knew from there- she had to be dead.  Gently pushing the shelf on, and sat next to her lifeless body, sudden realization hit me. It was His fault. He knew this would happen.  Tears of sadness turning into tears of hate continued to stream down my face, I dipped my hoof lightly in Twilight’s blood, and wiped it against my lab coat sleeve. “I’m escaping.. for both of us Twi, I swear on it..” Backing up from her body, I walked slowly to the door. Casting one last glance of my colleague,  I plunged into the other room, its lights were flickering.  Several pieces of machinery lay scattered on the floor. I was careful not to trip over any piece, but then I saw something that looked a bit like a turkey. It was coming towards me slowly, as soon as it got close enough, it leapt up at my face, I swatted it away with my hoof, and began to run. what the hell was that? It was defiantly not human, that’s for sure.. if there’s any more of them, I’ll have to find a weapon. at the end of the hall, I saw the silver stallion from earlier with two other scientists. Dr. Kleiner and Dr. Vance I believe.  When I approached them, Dr. Vance saw me, “Maya! Good God you made it out alive...”
“Hey..” I breathlessly replied, “You’re aware of the walking mutant turkey’s right?”
Dr. Kleiners mouth gaped, “The what-“
He was cut off by an electric like explosion; one of the turkeys from earlier was in a glass container that was previously holding energy thingies, one of the demon turkeys was there.
Ugh. These things are creepy.
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nuuu Twi ;;...oh well
Any way this is great!
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Thanks. o3o
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